Dietetics: General Paediatric, Adolescent & Adult

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Nourish your body to live your best life. Dietitians are experts in food and nutrition who provide guidance on how to manage diet for people at any stage of life. Our Dietitian, Emily Clarke, is the perfect support to take you on a fully-individualised journey to a positive and healthy relationship with food. With a minefield of nutritional messaging out there, it can be confusing to navigate the best approach to food. Emily employs a practical approach, that is backed by scientific research, to ensure that your personal nutrition needs for general health and wellbeing are met. Emily can help you understand how nutrition can improve the management of medical conditions, or help you maximise your health and performance – both on and off the sporting field.

Our Dietitian works with clients of all ages and abilities, ensuring you have the tools to make the best choices for yourself and your family. Emily will help you to understand nutrition science and use food to promote health, prevent disease and manage nutrition-related health conditions. Using her knowledge in nutrition, human development and disease prevention, she will help you develop lifelong skills to optimise your health fully.

Know Before You Go

We will embark on a thorough dietetic assessment - taking into consideration things like your individual nutritional and medical needs, your lifestyle, any specific performance requirements, the relationship that food plays in your life and other factors that influence what you eat. More food-cheerleader than food-police, we will guide you towards a relationship with nutrition that is personalised, and doesn’t require you to follow rigid, unrealistic plans.

Emily accepts clients privately, as well as under Enhanced Primary Care plans, Chronic Disease Management Plans and Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA). If you have been given a referral for this consultation, please bring that to your first appointment, along with any other information you feel will be relevant to your nutritional health plans.

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