Lower Back Pain

The optimal, evidence-based, contemporary management of lower back pain (lumbar spine pain) involves non-invasive approaches aimed at alleviating symptoms and promoting the natural recovery. This approach is often preferred as the initial strategy for treating acute or chronic lower back pain, emphasizing a comprehensive and personalized approach to address the unique needs of each patient, and one key element of conservative management is Physiotherapy.

The thorough assessment of lower back pain is a foundation skill set of all OHL Physiotherapists, and any of our Physios will help you understand the drivers of your lower back pain through hearing your story and performing a physical assessment. Lower back pain can sometimes be very specific in its pain drivers, like a fracture or a neural irritation called a radiculopathy, but lower back pain is often much more complex and requires delving into a multi-step process including a physical assessment, your medical history, your psychological history, your work, sports and hobbies, your story with exercise and movement (amongst other things) to get a full understanding of your lower back pain story. Our Physiotherapy team will talk you through the reasoning of why imaging is not routine in every client (yet it is sometimes needed and we can write an x-ray or MRI for you in these cases), and we’ll also guide you through what medication might be right for your current pain status. As you may start to appreciate, lower back pain is an umbrella term for many conditions in the lumbar spine and it is our job as Physiotherapists to provide you with a simple plan for a complex part of our body.

Physiotherapy can be helpful to the sufferers of lower back pain in many ways including:

In conclusion, conservative management of low back pain prioritizes non-surgical, holistic approaches to improve function and alleviate symptoms. By combining Physiotherapy, medications, lifestyle modifications, and psychosocial interventions, we aim to empower patients in effectively managing and preventing episodes of lower back pain. Please give us a call on 9431 5955 if you’d like to book in with an OHL Physiotherapist to assess your acute or chronic lower back pain, or alternatively you can book via the Client Portal on our website