Bronchiectasis is a chronic chest condition, classified as abnormal widening of the bronchial airways and consequently an increased risk of infection within this space. Its symptoms present as a persistent cough with an overproduction of mucus and difficulty with removal.  Proper assessment and diagnosis must be conducted as bronchiectasis presents in a similar manner to COPD, asthma and chronic coughs.

In terms of airway function and chest clearance there is a lot Physiotherapists can do to help patients with Bronchiectasis. Commonly used treatment techniques such as Active Cycle Breathing (ACBTs), postural drainage including manual therapy vibrations and percussions, Positive Expiratory Pressure (PEP) and exercise management have been proven to help manage this condition.

These treatment techniques aim to assist with mucus clearance, either by loosing it within the chest walls or through specific breathing against resistance. Additionally, exercise helps improve aerobic capacity and endurance which promotes less fatigue and less shortness of breath as lung function improves. This enhancement in airway management, reduces the likelihood of flare ups and promotes a healthy and happier level of function.

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