Muscle pain comes in many forms and from many different sources. Commonly it occurs as a result of sporting games and trainings, following exercise, after gardening and/or some activities of daily living like house-cleaning. It is reasonable for the muscles feel achy and sore after we’ve done something new (or performing a movement or activity more than normal) and we refer to this as delayed onset muscle soreness or ‘DOMS’. However, if the pain lingers beyond 2-3days you might need individualised advice, soft tissue massage treatment, targeting stretching and/or a combination of these things to settle the pain down further and feel pain-free again. Our talented team including Myotherapy and Physiotherapy can help you with this expert advice for neck or back muscle pain, as well as leg pain, elbow pain, glute pain and headaches. The best way to manage and prevent this type of muscle pain is to ensure adequate fitness and a good preparation for our planned activities. We can achieve this by keeping strong through a guided and patient specific exercise program, as prescribed by a Physiotherapist or Myotherapist. Other methods of reducing your risk of muscle pain require learning individual strategies about gentle foam rolling, the use of a spikey/trigger ball at home, gentle stretching and hydrotherapy, because they can be a great way to aid in the healing process, gain mobility and minimise pain.