Injury prevention is a simple and vital part of both the general population but more importantly athletes training programs. Injury prevention is about increasing strength, control, balance and sport specific training to reduce the risk of injury occurring during competition. Incorporating regular strength training, movement patterning, a good warm up and cool down into a training or a player’s program will ensure athletes are able to play their sport well remain injury free. Our expert team of Physiotherapists are highly trained to write strength and gym programs for all levels of athletes. They can provide players (or entire teams) with a simple warm up or cool down program to help improve muscle activation, readiness to play and player awareness going into a game reduce the risk of injury. While our team of Myotherapists and Physiotherapists can also help after games with regards to recovery techniques such as massage, foam rolling, stretching and post-game recovery to improve your performance and recovery from week to week. Our team pride ourselves on good communication with schools, sporting clubs, coaches, parents and other allied health professionals to maximise treatment success improve your chance of recovery and to reduce your risk of injury.