Undergoing surgery is only the start of your journey back to good health. Lucky for you we have an experienced Physiotherapy team providing a specific, evidence-based rehabilitation programs following surgery to ensure good outcomes in the short and long term. Our team are highly trained to assess and manage cases both pre and post-surgery, and are happy to recommend surgeons and guide you through the process. Pre-habilitation is considered vital phase of the surgical journey now, because it has been shown to improve outcomes post-surgery, and our team are ready to arm you with practical ways to pre-hab for surgery. After surgery our team will guide you through your rehabilitation ensuring your get the best outcomes from the experience. We work closely and communicate regularly with surgeons, general practitioners and other health professionals to ensure good communication and consistency through the rehabilitation process. Common injuries we see post-surgery for rehabilitation include; shoulder rotator cuff repairs, shoulder arthroscopy, shoulder replacements, bicep tenodesis, hip replacements, knee replacements (both anterior and posterolateral approaches), MCL repairs, PCL repairs, hip and shoulder labral repairs, hip arthroscopies and open reduction internal fixation (ORIF) repairs for fractures. We also see spinal surgery patient who have undergone disc decompressions, spinal fusions, laminectomies and other procedures like radiofrequency denervation, targeted cortisone injections and epidurals. Proudly the Optimal Health Lab has its own specialised ACL reconstructions program, called ACL Rehab Roadmap, which takes patients from day one post-operatively right through to return to their chosen sport. Our clinic welcomes TAC, Workcover and Enhanced primary care (EPC) patients as well as private clients without referral.