Both paediatric and adolescent stages of life see a collision of growth, learning, building a sense of self as well as often increased or decreasing different sporting activities. Our clinical team well are equipped to expertly assess and manage cases in Dietetics, Podiatry and Physiotherapy from 5years onwards. Specific conditions we commonly see are shoulder dislocations, back pain including lumbar stress fractures, other arm or leg stress fractures, headaches, movement disorders, Ozgoods-Slatters disease and Sinding-Larson-Johnson of the knee, patella tendinopathy, achilles pain, ACL rehabilitation programming, Severe’s disease, knee and/or foot pain in walking or running, hip pain including femoroacetabular impingement (FAI), labral tears and slipped capital femoral epiphysis, as well as fussy eaters, weight management, practical answers for food intolerances and gut health issues. Our clinic welcomes NDIS clients (only if self-managed or third-party managed) as well as private clients into our expert care without referral. We pride ourselves on good communication with schools, coaches, parents and other allied health professionals to maximise treatment success.