Mental health is a large part of all patients journeys through rehabilitation. During injuries and the rehabilitation process our mental health, social life and emotional wellbeing can be impacted greatly. At the Optimal Health Lab all of our practitioners pride themselves on improving and helping each patient best strategise ways to care for their mental health, whilst also guiding them through their physical rehab journey. We provide access and encourage patients to use services such as Beyond blue and Lifeline (amongst many other services) if they are struggling at all during their rehab, but also help facilitate referral to formal care through Psychology, Counselling or Psychiatry that is best suited to the patient and their scenario. Accompanying this, we proudly educate our community on the power of exercise, massage/ bowen therapy and improving your diet as proven strategies to greatly improve mental health and wellness in all age groups and populations. Our Group Physiotherapy classes can be a great way for patients to be re-introduced into the exercise training while also providing some social interaction with their class-mates. Our clinic welcomes TAC, Workcover and enhanced primary care (EPC) patients as well as private clients without referral. We pride ourselves on good communication and interaction with the community in the form of schools, sporting clubs, coaches, parents as well as other allied health professionals to maximise treatment success and return people to their optimal health.