Gym Programming

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Elevate your strength. Whether in relation to injury rehabilitation, sports performance or injury prevention, the benefits of being strong are endless. No matter your age or fitness level, our physiotherapists create an individualised gym program for you to complete in your own gym.

Know Before You Go

Strength & Conditioning: 30 mins

We will listen to your goals, talk you through exercises and movements that are important for your chosen sport or activity, and what areas need to be strong in order to tackle these. We will then devise a program that you can self-manage to improve your performance.

Strength & Conditioning: 60 mins

A far more comprehensive session. In addition to the above, we will conduct a musculoskeletal screening to determine any quality of movement or range of motion deficiencies. We will also implement a strength testing protocol to determine any strength discrepancies between limbs. Our NordBord is also utilised to determine your level of eccentric hamstring strength and therefore your injury risk. All of this information will then be used to inform a targeted strengthening program designed specifically to address your individualised needs and the requirements of your chosen sport.

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