Musculoskeletal Sports Screening

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Our Physiotherapists take the time to understand the nuances of your chosen sport. From the movements & muscle activation patterns needed to perform optimally - down to the strength and range of motion necessary to ensure the risk of injury is minimised.

We devise a targeted set of musculoskeletal screening tests based on the specifics of your sport - checking things such as balance, proprioception, strength, range of motion and movement patterns. This valuable information can predict who is at risk of injury. Training recommendations and planning then goes into avoiding injury, whilst also maximising physical capacity.

The aim is to be proactive in preventing injuries before they get a chance to occur and improving athletic and sporting performance

Know Before You Go

We will perform a holistic assessment to gain information specific to your sport. Once screening data is collated, we give recommendations around training to enable deficits to be targeted and improved. This can be shared with your coaches and together we can ensure injury risk is kept to a minimum and your performance is optimal. When booking this appointment please let us know your key sport so we can be best prepared. On the day, please wear something that is easy to move in.

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