Ballet Pre-pointe Assessment

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Going en-pointe is a massive step for any Classical Ballet dancer. Make sure your body is ready for the rigors. An assessment from The Optimal Health Lab’s resident dance physiotherapist will determine your timing and readiness for pointe shoes.

Know Before You Go

Our 45-minute assessment explores the biomechanical factors and strength related to safely dancing en-pointe. Please bring your ballet shoes and leave 10mins before the appointment starts to fill in your dance history for us.

If you are not successful at fulfilling all the requirements on your initial visit, you will be given an individualised strength program to help you transition best to pointe work and achieve your ballet goals. Recommendations from your assessment can be fed back to your dance teacher, or they are welcome to attend with you.

Help Achieve These Goals

  • Injury Prevention
  • Optimise Sporting Performance

Good for These Activities

  • Dance / Performing Arts
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