Group Physio classes (previously known as Clinical Pilates)

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The Group Physio class experience at the Optimal Health Lab, previously known as Clinical Pilates, is unparalleled to any other around. Our refined service takes a personalised approach to your group exercise treatment for people rehabilitating from a surgery, managing a particular condition like patella tendinopathy, back pain or knee osteoarthritis, wanting to stay 'optimal' with supervised training and/or wanting to be at their sporting best. We deliver our Group Physiotherapy program for the early birdies at 7am, through the day, and into the evening for our working clients; everyone can find a time that suits their lifestyle. 

Our OHL Group Physio classes are popular for many reasons, but we are most proud of these three specifics... 1) Attention to detail: One Physio is in charge of no more than 4 clients in our 50minute class times. 2) Genuine rehab plans: Progressive, goal-centred, individualised programming for all participants and they are reassessed as per strength and conditioning timeframes. 3) Elite equipment: No matter if you need a 200kg leg press or the primarily the pilates reformer bed, our Strength Lab suits you!

Know Before You Go

Each client will begin with a 1:1 assessment with any Physiotherapist. This session includes a biomechanical and strength assessment allowing your exercise programs to be best tailored to your needs and goals.

With your goals and strength measures understood, we introduce you into our Strength Lab through 1:1 exercise sessions with the Physiotherapist. Each client is acquainted with the equipment in the room, including the traditional clinical pilates reformer and trapeze table, as well as other strength equipment, as needed. Our equipment includes a leg press, non-motorised treadmill, smith machine, free weights, kettlebells, TRX and balance equipment. It’s the best of both the gym and pilates worlds! Once you feel comfortable in the room we will talk you through the practicalities of joining a class within our timetable for the short term or the longer term, depending on your situation. 

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