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Become a stronger, more efficient, safer runner. Our running assessments help optimise your performance and minimise risk of injury. From staying fit with the family to casual running, or challenging yourself to longer distances and events, we help increase your efficiencies and minimise risk of injury, regardless of your fitness or experience. Our team performs a biomechanical analysis of your body, range of motion, movement patterns and endurance to help inform your training regime.

Know Before You Go

Running Assessment: 30 mins

A brief assessment in which our experts will film your running gait on our non-motorised treadmill which more accurately replicates overground running. The footage we take will be at various paces which can then be slowed down and looked at frame by frame to look at the minute details of your biomechanics. Some quick pointers will then be advised. The assessment also includes testing of your eccentric hamstring strength using our NordBord, which can inform us of limb to limb discrepancies, injury risk and inform your training programs.

Running Assessment: 60 mins

This is a more holistic assessment. You will again have video analysis and NordBord testing, but this is accompanied by a screening of your biomechanics through a variety of functional tasks and strength testing using our hand-held dynamometer (HHD). The biomechanical assessment is crucial to screen for any parameters that may be hindering performance or increasing your injury risk, such as range of motion, movement patterns and endurance. Using our HHD we are able to determine exactly how many pounds of force you can exert throughout different movements. This becomes very important if there are any limb-to-limb discrepancies, or if certain measures are insufficient relative to your body weight. This can help to inform your training regime to begin alleviating these abnormalities.

Running Assessment: 90 mins

This assessment is our most comprehensive. The screening component of the session is the same as the 60 minute session, but in this appointment, we will also sit down with you and look to create a plan to have you performing optimally based on the way you have tested and what areas have room for improvement. This includes individualised exercise prescription, biomechanical advice and time framed goal setting. This can be done in conjunction with your coaches to ensure that your training is targeted to what will make you a stronger, more efficient and safer runner.

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