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Realign. Reset. Recover naturally. Many of us, without realising, can be physically and mentally in a chronic state of 'fight or flight', not allowing our bodies to be in a state of healing. Bowen allows you to switch out of this into a calm and relaxing parasympathetic state, which in turn gives your body the chance to respond and recover naturally. From newborns to the elderly, this personalised body technique realigns, re-sets and re-adjusts the soft tissue and muscles of the body, providing relief from pain and discomfort for a range of chronic and acute conditions.

Know Before You Go

Your treatment begins with a comprehensive assessment to develop an accurate evaluation of your current state of health. We will prepare a treatment plan, and then the treatment will begin with a series of transverse soft tissue moves. These moves are used either singularly or sequentially within strategically placed locations throughout the body. The treatment may include some short, designated resting periods, to allow the body time to align and adjust. Bowen Therapy is optimised if you do not exercise for 24 hours after your session so best to plan this for later in a day and/or in your week accordingly.

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