April 19, 2020

You have just received the bad news that you have ruptured your ACL and the decision has been made in conjunction with your orthopaedic specialist that you require surgery. Sometimes the decision will be made to get you in there and get it done ASAP – but in some cases it can be worth your while to delay surgery and allow your knee to settle from the initial traumatic incident.

The added reality now is that COVID-19 restrictions and measures to stop the pressure on healthcare has halted most ACL reconstruction surgeries and we are not sure when elective surgeries will recommence. However, by delaying your surgery you can allow your pain and swelling to settle. Recent research shows that there is benefit both intra and post-operatively for those who have regained full range of motion (particularly extension) and have restored good function to their quadriceps and hamstrings prior to their operation.

In this time it can be important to consult with a physiotherapist to determine what is appropriate for you. They will give you individually prescribed exercises and aim to modify things to try and keep you as active as possible. Ideally, the physiotherapist will conduct some testing of your non-injured limb to ascertain what your baseline levels are. This includes strength testing with hand held dynamometry and performing some hop testing. This data becomes vital for your rehabilitation standards. It gives an accurate representation of what is normal for you, rather than basing rehab off numbers that are obtained after you have spent considerable time off your feet losing your strength and conditioning.

Basically, the better your function can become before your surgery, the better your outcomes will be after your surgery. It’s a long and arduous process to rehabilitate an ACL injury but you can take some pressure off yourself by doing the right things early. Book in today with one of our Physiotherapy team at OHL to begin your optimal prehabilitation!

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Exercise and energy post-COVID and the flu - how to be KIND to yourself and get your body moving
Exercise and energy post-COVID and the flu - how to be KIND to yourself and get your body moving

June 16, 2022

It's no secret that flu season is well and truly here - and with three years of protecting ourselves from COVID, our immune systems are a little out of practice when it comes to fighting off the cold and flu. On top of that, many of us have come across COVID by now, with some still feeling its effects months after an initial diagnosis. 

After COVID or the flu, it pays to remember the old adage - slow and steady wins the race. Returning to activities at a gradual pace before building back into daily routines is paramount - and what you can do will be dependent on any lingering symptoms.

Here are some tips and tricks for how to keep moving after a bout of illness that might have you performing below your peak -

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June 09, 2022

Did you know that what you leave out of your diet is often as important as what you include?

A great example of this is dietary fat. While there can be an overwhelming amount of ‘low fat’ and ‘no fat’ products on supermarket shelves, they aren’t always the best options for a healthy diet.  

Dietary fat is an important part of a healthy diet, and is particularly important for our eyes, skin and brain. Cutting fat out of our diet completely also deprives our system of fat-soluble vitamins like A, D, E and K.

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Milestone Moment -      Half a decade of Optimal Health!
Milestone Moment - Half a decade of Optimal Health!

June 02, 2022

Back in late 2016, on the way to a family birthday, siblings Lauren McLinden and Andrew Campbell devised their concept for OHL- a hub for healthcare experts, where clients could connect with the ideal person to get the right diagnosis and optimal management plan for their concerns. They were excited to see how they could work to maximise the health of the local community they grew up in. 

Today, they are so proud to be delivering this initial vision, and more!

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