ACL 12 Week Program

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Ace your ACL rehab with OHL’s specifically designed 12-week program. Surgery is only the beginning of the journey on the route back to full functioning (and return to sport) following ACL reconstructive surgery. The research shows that if you rehab sufficiently and pass a number of specific criteria, you are far more likely to have a successful return to your chosen sport/activity. Rehabilitation is generally broken into phases – one of which is to return your reconstructed limb to its previous level of strength and control. This is exactly what our program is designed to do. We hope that by the end of our 12-week program you will have the strength & control to recommence some running.

Know Before You Go

Once your knee has settled from surgery and you have sufficient range of motion, minimal swelling and sufficient quad control, you can commence our 12-week program. The program commences with a comprehensive assessment covering strength, balance, function & control. The findings of this assessment are what guide your exercise prescription for your home exercise program and strength training. Goals of this stage include regaining single leg balance, strengthening your muscles to be equivalent to your uninjured side and performing a single leg squat with perfect technique.

Following the initial assessment, you will complete 2x supervised exercise sessions per week for 12 weeks. Research shows that following surgery, individuals can exhibit compensatory movement patterns even 6 months post – this is why it is imperative to have the eagle eye of a specifically trained physiotherapist to ensure you are moving with optimal biomechanics. Being able to modify on the fly is another benefit – if your knee is sore it might only take a minor technique adjustment to alleviate or focus can be put onto other areas to ensure a meaningful and effective session is still achieved.

Regular reassessments are conducted throughout the program to monitor strength and control improvements. These are offered at the 3, 6- & 9-week marks, plus any other time needed. This ensures that the exercises you are performing are appropriate for precisely your needs based on your current progress

At the end of the 12-week program a final assessment is completed to determine your readiness to progress to the next stage of your rehabilitation – running, agility & landings!

Help Achieve These Goals

  • Successful return to sport/activity

Good for These Activities

  • Basketball
  • Cricket
  • Football
  • Lacrosse
  • Running
  • Soccer 
  • Tennis 
  • Track & Field
  • Triathlon
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