October 04, 2018

The FMS is a series of 7 fundamental human movement patterns.

Each movement pattern screens varying levels of mobility, stability and motor control.

These are the three baseline factors that are pivotal to human movement competency.

How does this relate to Triathletes?

Triathlons are exceptionally demanding on the human body, requiring full body movement quality, at varying levels of difficulty.

If any of these patterns or their foundations are not adequate or optimal, they are deemed to be contributing to a potential loss in performance, along with being risk factor for injury potential.

The movement screen will test just this.

Distinguishing movement patterns from painful, inadequate, adequate and optimal.

By completion of the screen, a greater understanding of how an individuals body functions is obtained. From here a tailored corrective program featuring stretches and exercises will be put into place.

As the changes being made in the system are not working the realms of strength or endurance, results can be achieved very quickly (days/weeks for some). Therefore immediate results in performance can be made.

The criteria for the FMS involves…

  • athletes with no current injury or pain hindering movement
  • athletes wanting to attain a greater understanding of their body leading to improved performance/reduced risk of injury

If you’re interested in this assessment to improve your performance, get in contact with us to lock in an appointment time with Mike.

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